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For me, the retreat was life changing. Not only did it gently invite me to explore painful experiences in a new and healing way, it also challenged me to open my heart and mind to a more complete understanding of who I am. It was structured so that we were able to do deep work, have quiet time, laugh and have fun, eat incredibly good food and swap stories.
Leigh Fortson
Author, Client
I attended the retreat in Durango. I was hesitant at first, as I just wanted an appointment. Turns out to be one of the greatest things I did for myself in my healing. The weekend was filled with healing foods, so much knowledge shared, caring and healing souls, relaxation, acupuncture / bodywork / qui gong, activity if you want it. We closed with a soul enlightening healing ceremony. It was a family environment. I left feeling at ease with healing my diagnosis without invasive treatments. I understand much more what is going on inside my body and how to deal with it. The cost is nothing compared to other paths one could take. I received my appointment and much more. If you have a cancer diagnosis, I highly recommend attending a retreat.
After 9 ½ years, 3 recurrences with 3 surgeries and chemos plus a clinical trial at MD Anderson, I experienced a life-changing event in working with Dr. Winters. Rather than treat the symptoms of my ovarian cancer, we focused on creating an inner terrain that is inhospitable to ovarian cancer. This includes testing to discover what my individual body's needs are, supplements to match exactly those areas, a diet rich in organic meats and veggies, and, for me, Iscador (mistletoe) therapy, all of which have succeeded in lowering my very reliable CA-125 39 points to the 11-13 range, well within the normal range. It has never happened before, and I'm beyond thrilled!