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What we do for you at Optimal Terrain:
  • Whether you’re a patient, practitioner, caregiver, family member or just someone that wants to learn more—we help you learn why as well as what you can do about the cancerous process.
  • We help you understand why you got here to begin with
  • We deeply examine your personal terrain—family history, medical history, trauma, stress history, current lifestyle and dietary choices
  • We offer focused lab-testing
  • We come up with a very thorough road map of your current self and determine how to get you from your current cancering process to an optimal terrain process as quickly and efficiently as possible, prioritizing your needs as they arise.
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Mistletoe Education

* Physicians & Practitioners only * 

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In my opinion, there are areas of medicine that need special training and full-time focus. Oncology is such an area. I live in a rural area and am the only resource in my county for integrative oncology. However, I also handle all the other needs of my patients as their primary care provider. I am very grateful that I have Dr. Nasha Winters as a trusted consultant. Though I have attended many conferences focusing on oncology, and have assisted in many protocols over the years, I have found that having Dr. Nasha Winters as a resource to help develop the most powerful treatment strategies for my oncology patients is invaluable. The depth and detail that she can add is astounding and incredibly inspirational to my patients (and to me). I know that my patients are happier having her on board. Clearly, so am I.
Holly Christy, ND, LAc
Practitioner / Element 7 Wellness
I have known and worked with Dr. Winters over the last 9 years both personally and professionally with mutual patients. The integrity and clarity that she brings to the table are remarkable. Her thoroughness and ability to sort out fine details in peoples health conditions are a true gift. I have not seen anyone who looks at the overall picture of someone's health as well as she does. She is a constant student and is continually on the cutting edge of what is possible for the people she serves. She has raised the bar of what true healthcare can look like.
Dr. Clayton Sullwold, D.C., K.C.S.C., C.A.C
Practitioner / Atlas Specific
One of my colleagues is a naturopath who has worked wonders for women with ovarian cancer. Her name is Dr. Nasha Winters. She consults via Skype. She has a very active practice so it may take some time to get an appointment. If you think you might be interested in working with her then reach out ASAP. Optimal Terrain Consulting Bonus: She's very supportive of the ketogenic diet and other lifestyle improvements.
Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS
Practitioner / Dietary Therapies
Nasha Winters is generous in both heart and deed. She has committed her personal time to events organized by Klose Training to help educate health professionals and patients alike. Her message – backed by science and treatment success with her own patients – is one that is rare in the mainstream health care world today, i.e. that people can take responsibility for aspects of their own health through the choices they make in their diet and lifestyle. The information she imparts has been met with resistant by many conventional practitioners but because of Dr. Winters’ courageous persistence, her important message is now winning over physicians and therapists, to the benefit for their patients. Dr. Winters’ passion is contagious and motivating.
Guenter Klose
Executive Director of LAD / Klose Training - Lymphedema Certification